UCLA Alumni Band Gig Alert 11/12/17

UCLA Alumni Band

November 12, 2017

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL – vs. Baylor University Lady Bears
This Saturday, November 18 - Call Time: 11:30 am

We Need YOU!!!

Thanks to all of you who volunteered to perform, because we definitely have enough of a group that this gig is a "GO". But we can always use more players to help fill Pauley, so please come out and join us.

Moments after our football team's exciting win over ASU on Saturday night, ABC picked up the UCLA-u$¢ game, with a 5:00 pm kickoff. So, the Women's Basketball game against Baylor has been set for a 1:00 pm tip-off. We'll be done by around 3:30 pm, so you'll have plenty of time to get to your football-watching parties.

- This will be a really exciting game, as Baylor is ranked #3 in the country and your Bruins are ranked #7/#8. And we'll be the difference!

- Parking will be provided by UCLA Athletics (we'll send out instructions during the week)

- We'll provide donuts, and bagels and cream cheese at 11:30 am
(Think of it as Brunch with the Bruins and the Bears!)

- It's OK to bring guests, who will have to enter with you and will sit in our section

- Please let Joel know that you're attending, just so he'll sleep better this week




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