UCLA Alumni Band Gig Alert 01/21/2018

UCLA Alumni Band

January 21, 2018

GYMNASTICS – vs the University of Oklahoma
Super Bowl Sunday, February 4 | Call Time: 11:30 am

Oklahoma Sooners

The Alumni Band plays its second and last gymnastics meet of the 2018 season on Super Bowl Sunday. This meet will be the first ever NCAA Women’s Gymnastics meet on ESPN (not EPSN-U or ESPN-3, or “THE OCHO”) but the original ESPN, so we need a large, loud band. In addition, the Alumni Band will provide food of some sort at 11:30 am.

We really want to have a large band for this event. You will not miss the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is hiding all the game balls and will not tell anyone where they are until the UCLA Alumni Band has returned home to watch the game.

So please bring yourselves, your friends, your friends’ friends and their friends. Everyone should enter Pauley at the “Office” door on the west side of the building, and then join us in our section on the floor.

Parking in Lot 7 will be provided by UCLA Athletics. Ask the attendant for a permit or go to one of the kiosks at Lot 8 or Lot 4 if there is no attendant present. The parking patrol will issue tickets to vehicles without permits so please do not waste next year's dues money on a parking ticket.

Please make sure to sign up on our website so we know you’ll be there!


CREW - vs Stanford and SDSU
UCLA Boathouse, Marina Del Rey
Saturday, March 3, 2018 | Call Time: 8:30 am


The UCLA Crew Team has asked the Alumni Band to provide entertainment. The Band will not be asked to play on the boats, as we might cause the boats to sink like the Titanic or wash ashore like the Minnow, or we might fall in and get wet. So, we will stand safely on the shore serenading the rowers. Light Breakfast will be provided. This is a fun gig with lots of opportunities to play and eat breakfast and play more and eat more breakfast. We might go to a local restaurant after the meet for a second breakfast.

Please make sure to sign up on our website so we know you’ll be there!

BASEBALL - vs u$¢ trojans
Dodger Stadium
Sunday, March 11 | Call Time: 1:30 pm


The Alumni Band returns for its annual pilgrimage to Dodger stadium on Sunday, March 11. Parking will not be provided by the Dodgers but the Band will reimburse all those who ask. We believe that each musician or drummer will be allowed to bring in one guest, but all the details will not be finalized until Yu Darvish finishes an inning.

Please make sure to sign up on our website so we know you’ll be there!

Saturday, January 27 | 9:00 am


The Alumni Band Board of Directors will meet at Philippe’s at 9:00AM on Saturday, January 27 to discuss vital band business such as whether we need to tune during the season since we tune at the rehearsal and what temperature is too hot for Porta-Sons and stuff like that. All Alumni Band members are welcome to join us and participate in the discussions.


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